Freshwater pearl lot, undrilled, approx. dimensions 6.5mm to approx. 7.0mm, oval shape, color shades of brown.

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Freshwater pearl lot, undrilled, approx. dimensions 6.5mm to approx. 7.0mm, oval shape, color shades of brown. Each individual freshwater pearl from this pearl lot has its own dimensions such as length, width and even the shape is different. Some have natural growth characteristics.


One should keep in mind that pearls come in many colors from white to black. In particular, the fact that pearls are organically grown jewelry - unique pieces that give rise to a living being contributes to the variety of shades that they can take on. The natural colors of a pearl depend on a combination of factors: The body color of the pearl is the main color. It offers a variety of shades and can be white, silver, rosa, salmon, grey, cream, pink, rose, lilac, violet, light purple, plum, lavender, peach, slightly orange, gold or even black. The overcolor, which appears like a transparent shimmer over the body color of the pearl, also changes the appearance and gives the pearl rich and bright nuances. For example, a pearl may be white with a peach-colored sheen. Some pearls have no overcolors at all. These useful beads to be processed are used in jewelry production, among other things, in the production of necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, brooches and earrings. Pearls are often used as decorative elements and are presented as the highlight of the piece of jewelry. The beads attached to pearl pins with a two-component adhesive are also very suitable for an effective arrangement in the form of a pendant. In addition, shapes and sizes do not play any role. In the same way, cemented or glued beads are processed as ring heads, middle beads or individual beads. It is not uncommon for them to be used in necklaces or as swinging pieces of jewelry using earring parts such as leverbacks, plugs, ear clips. Individual pearl pendants are made using threading material; you should make sure that the hole or loop has a sufficient diameter to ultimately hold the rubber, stainless steel rope nylon-coated, single or multi-row, silver chain, silver round wire, pearl silk, nylon thread, smooth or braided leather cord or elastic band to be able to thread, processed. Of course, the pearl pendants can also be fitted with Varioclips instead of loops. Let your imagination run wild with your own design.

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